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Northville Lumber is an authorized Andersen Circle of Excellence Dealer and part of the Andersen Enhanced Dealer Service Network.

At Northville Lumber we are proud to feature Andersen Windows and Patio Doors. The Andersen name has been synonymous with quality, beauty and durability for nearly 100 years. Andersen has always been known for energy-efficient products.  The Andersen product lines are rigorously tested and exposed to extreme temperatures and wind speeds to make certain of there long-term durability.  The Andersen product lines now span everything from venting octagon windows to standard, economical windows and patio doors


The 400 Series - The Andersen 400 Series product line is a classic blend of engineering and craftsmanship, featuring extensive sizes, shapes, styles and colors.  With 400 Series products, you can choose from a number of beautiful options like Andersen art glass panels, divided light, interior finishes and hardware styles.


The 200 Series - The Andersen 200 Series product line is designed for economy, but still offers a variety of options.  You can choose white or sandtone exteriors with natural pine or white prefinished  interiors.  Enhancement windows, Finelight grills and other popular options are also available.


Architectural Windows & Doors - New Andersen architectural windows and doors will expand your design possibilities.  These products are handcrafted in dramatic sizes and shapes.  Archtop casements, Springline patio doors and  a host of other unique windows and doors will make any project a success.


As an authorized Andersen Circle of Excellence Dealer, Northville Lumber has vast experience with the Andersen product lines and can help you with anything from window and door replacements and new construction window and door installations to custom fitted Andersen window and door solutions. 


Northville Lumber is also a part of the Andersen Enhanced Dealer Service Network.  Which means you will have one source for service, parts and warranty work.  We can give you true end-to-end support from installation to on-going service for all of the Andersen product lines.