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AZEK Moulding


AZEK Mouldings, using break-through technology, gives the perfect appearance match for all of your interior and exterior trim and moulding projects.

AZEK Moulding is preferred by contractors for it's unrivaled uniformity, durability, workability and beauty. Because there are so many benefits, choosing AZEK Moulding is an easy decision. AZEK products are easy to work with; they will cut, rout, mill and fasten just like wood. Some AZEK products can even be shaped or bent for curved and custom trim applications.

• AZEK Moldings have the look and feel of premium lumber without any of the maintenance issues
associated with wood products.

• Easily worked with regular woodworking tools.

• For radius or curved applications AZEK Mouldings and Trimboards can be easily heat-formed.

• AZEK Mouldings resists moisture, insects and will not rot, cup or decay.

• AZEK Mouldings do not need paint for protection, however, have excellent paint adhesion and can be
• painted to achieve a custom color.

• AZEK Moulding is easy to clean and maintains a "like new" appearance in all types of weather.

• 25 Year Warranty